Prospective Residents

Thank You for Choosing Freid El Management

Apply Online

To Apply You Will Need:

  1. Application – Please complete the online application. If you are applying with a roommate, spouse, or co-signer they too must submit a separate application.
  1. Application Fee – $30 for each person submitting an application ($30 per applicant/married couple or $60 for applicant and roommate/co-signer) this can be paid via cash, check, money order, or online through following completion of the online application.
  1. Proof of Income – Each applicant must submit 2 most recent paystubs from their employer; if you receive direct deposit we will accept a bank statement as well.
  1. Identification – Please submit a copy of your State ID, we are also willing to take a photo of Identification with the leasing agent’s Smartphone.

Please send supporting documentation to the contact below.

****Applications must be submitted with all of the above to be considered, it will take at least 24-48 hours for the application process. Apartments are first come first serve. We cannot hold an apartment for you until you have submitted all of the above requirements and monies (for application fee) and your application has been approved.

After you have received notice that your application has been approved, you will be able to place the Security Deposit in order for us to hold the apartment for you (Security deposit may be paid via cash, money order or online). Once the Security deposit is placed we will hold the apartment for you for up to but no longer than 30 days.

Where/How to apply

 Apply Online Or  By appointment at the apartment location- to complete a paper application with the leasing agent

Paper Application

Leasing office: 412-697-3126

Fax: 412-697-3139


**Please call with any questions; we are here to help you.