Move Out Instructions

We are always sad to wish our residents farewell, though we understand life will take in many different directions!  We wish you best on your relocation.

Please be sure to call the office 60 days prior to your vacate date to share your verbal notice.  We also require a written notice to be mailed to :

Freid El Corporation

PO BOX 81917

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

We would like for you to review the following Move Out Instructions to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Condition of Unit

The condition of your unit (and any assigned storage facilities) should be that in which you received it.  We understand and some “Wear and Tear” is normal, please be sure the unit has been cleaned, painted, or patched as needed.  Please call the office if you have not received the Move Out worksheet.  This worksheet will outline the area’s addressed when you moved in and will help to prepare you for the final walkthrough.

  1. Prepare for Showings

As you prepare to transition out of your unit, we will begin to take steps to fill it once again.  IT may be necessary for us to show the unit before you have moved out (as per the terms of your lease).  As a courtesy we will try to provide at least 24 hours’ notice prior to showing the unit to prospective residents.  We encourage you to call or email the office to discuss any special arrangements or requests that you may have.

  1. Arrange the Final Walk-through

We strongly encourage you to be present at the time of your final walk-through.  Please contact the office to arrange a time.  It is mandatory that all belongings are removed from the unit before meeting for the walk-through.  It is also your responsibility to discuss returning unit keys.  Please be advised that you are considered to be in possession of the unit until all keys have been returned.

  1. Forwarding Contact

To discuss the above mentioned and update your account with a forwarding address please contact us at or 412-322-1361

Please feel free to reach out for clarification, we are here to help!